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Why is my device inactive?
Why is my device inactive?
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First, make sure your device is connected to the internet. Next, check if is running or not. Finally, check if internet sharing is enabled. If you’re using a mobile device, make sure there are no battery restrictions set for, otherwise your phone will turn it off every time you switch to another app.

To disable power saving for on Android and ensure it runs in the background, toggle the Ensure background sharing switch.

Click on Continue in the pop-up window.

Now, different versions of Android have different power management settings so they may be different for your device. The general idea is the same - turn off battery management/saving/optimization for Clicking on Open Settings in should lead you to a list of apps where you can set battery options for each device.

Here’s how it works on Android 12 with MIUI 13.

Find on the list and tap on More.

In the pop-up window, select No restrictions.

A new pop-up will appear. Tap OK to confirm.

From now on, will keep running and sharing your internet connection in the background regardless of how you use your phone.

If you’re using a remote desktop device, make sure starts when the device boots up and the device isn’t going to sleep.

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