What is Pawns.app?

Learn what Pawns.app is all about
Written by Shawn the Pawn
Updated 6 months ago

Pawns.app is a money-making app. You can earn money by completing surveys or you can use internet sharing for a 100% passive income source.

With surveys, our users share their opinions on all kinds of topics, from fashion and cosmetics to tech, politics, and more. Our partners pay for this data and use it for research, product development, marketing optimization, etc.

Through internet sharing, our users grant unrestricted internet access to individuals, marketers, and companies as needed. It allows them to gather data from different online sources, avoid geo-restrictions, and more.

Both surveys and internet sharing are 100% anonymous. All data is encrypted, and we monitor the network 24/7 to ensure the safety of our users and partners.

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